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TV Guides Most popular TV Shows Digital Broadcast Antenna HD TV
  • It is actually possible to get about 30 high-quality HD (DVD-quality) broadcast tv channels (i.e. without cable) for FREE.
  • Newer HD flat-screen televisions will all have built-in HD tuners (and don't require you to buy a HD tuner).
  • Many stores sell HD antenna's, or if the TV stations are farther away, you may need a V-style "fishbone" antenna and a signal booster for best reception.
  • Remember that digital broadcast TV reception is ALL or NOTHING, there are NO fuzzy in-between pictures; you will either have enough signal to receive the station or you will have a blank screen.   Many newer HD Televisions will have a built in antenna signal strength meter that you can access using your remote.
  • The hourly guide of what is playing on each channel is actually transmitted over the air and some TVs can display this guide by pressing the "Guide" button.   Alternatively, you can use the web site or the "NoCable" cell phone app to show the hourly guide.
High-speed Internet, Cable, and Dish Providers Is your Internet Slow ?
Video on Demand Services
  • Cable television subscribers can often view hundreds of shows on-demand for free.   To do so, select the "on-demand" feature.   Search for the show(s) you are interested in.   When you select the show it will show if it is FREE or will show the COST if it is NOT free.
  • The Video on Demand Services group includes popular options including:
Video Hosting Services Streaming TV Multitudes of Ways to Stream NetFlix
  • Smart TV
  • Game consoles (Playstation 3, Wii, Xbox)
  • Many Blue-ray DVD players
  • Networked HDTVs
  • Set Top Boxes
  • Home Theater Systems
  • Streaming Media Players (e.g.
  • Phones (iPhone4, android, kindle) & Tablets (iPad)
  • Laptop computer
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