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Tuition Reimbursement (for applicable training at a local college) may be available as a benefit at your workplace.  Contact your HR department.

Student Loan

It is dangerous to go into significant debt for the purpose of a student loan.  Student loans are not dismissed even if you file for backruptcy.  If you encounter bad times and have to defer the student loans (or you return to school to avoid having to make payments on these loans), the balance on these loans will get larger quickly.  Look for accredited schools and student aid options that don't incure large debt.  Triple-check and triple-verify that the programs that you choose will give you the accredited credentials that you want.  Do NOT assume anything or take the word of a school salesperson or recruiter on faith.  Make absolutely sure your chosen college degree from your chosen school will enable you to get a job, pay your bills, and pay off your student loan.  Then, successfully complete the degree program.   (See also:   Ways to reduce your student loan debt)

For-Profit Universities and Colleges Potential Value of Education

Median Annual Income by Level of Education

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